Wednesday, November 7, 2012

After the election commentary….

Romney’s concession speech was gracious and I for one appreciated that. 

I fear on the republican side a blame game will now ensue. Many republican leaders are already throwing Romney under the bus claiming now “he was the wrong candidate”.  The republican leadership does not get it. The message has not been heard. Obama won because of his leadership and accomplishments. I not saying that there was no republican that could have beaten Obama, I know there were. But as I said before, that of the crop of republicans that sought the republican nomination this year, none of them stood any chance of beating Obama. If the truth was known, Romney probably was the republican’s best hope.

This is a great day for American exceptionalism. I remain proud of our President, and I know we all have a tough job ahead.

From reading my posts, folks may assume I am a blind supporter of the president. That is not true. I have many issues with our President that I will now take up with him.  Guantanamo bay, the war in Afghanistan, fracking, pipelines, union card check, excreta, excreta… Why you ask did I not address these issue during the campaign? That is easy, what Mr. Romney offered was much worse on every single issue of importance to progressives. Besides, the wing-nut-right was attacking the President on everything from his birth certificate to foreign policy. The election was a time for progressives to rally around our President. Let’s enjoy the victory for a few days. Then we will once again hold President Obama’s feet to the fire.