Sunday, November 11, 2012

Politics is Life

“to disagree one doesn’t have to be disagreeable” 
Barry Goldwater

We live in this great nation and have no choice but to be involved in politics. Whether you are active, well informed or apathetic you are involved. If you vote you are a voter, if you don’t you are a non-voter. If you have strong opinions, you are a “likely voter”, if you are registered to vote and don’t have strong opinions you are an “unlikely voter”.  It does not matter if you hate politics, love politics or like me have come to believe involvement in politics is a responsibility we all have, you are part of the system.

From my point of view, to not be an informed voter you have acquiesced to the other side. That is if you are a middle of the road or progressive, think all politicians are the same and don’t vote: you have become a tactic supporter of right-wing America. The converse of this is true as well.

I see this alienation of the voter to be part of the right-wing grand plan. If the Limbaughestas can keep you discouraged and apathetic, they have you right where they want you. If you continue to believe it does not matter who wins the presidency, the right has won.

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