Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Death of Twinkies – Just the Facts!!!

11/18/12 - UPDATE: For an insiders look at what happened at Hostess, Inc CLICK HERE

Hostess is owned by a private equity firm that bled the profits out of the company for years. Top executives of Hostess paid themselves big fat paychecks and demanded the workers give up pay and benefits. Before you blame the workers (Unions) for the end of the Twinkies, look at the corporate mismanagement at the top of the corporate ladder first.

Unions are groups of organized employees.  Unions are a democratic and their leadership is elected by the membership. To blame something on the “Unions” you are simply referring to a group of workers whose majority believes in collective bargaining. CLICK HERE to see why Unions still matter!

Download a fact sheet on the strike from BCTGM: CLICK HERE

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Romney-Style Economics Behind Decline of Hostess, But Workers Are Paying the Price

Giving Thanks for Hostess Workers CLICK HERE

"It is my belief that unions help everyone. They not only make working conditions and compensation better for union workers – they make these aspects better for ALL workers. They help set the status quo for employers everywhere. If corporations really had their choice on a five-day work week, an eight-hour work day or child labor – you can bet your bootie everyone would be working a lot harder and longer for a lot less. It wasn’t just union workers who benefited from those battles. It was everyone". - 


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